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Don’t you?

Everyone loves bacon and especially when it’s wrapped around a set of well endowed assets such as these. Plus, how much fun will you have unwrapping the bacon and cooking it up. So, the word disaster could be a matter of personal opinion..hmm…

For the guy who likes hairy woman, this is probably heaven. I’ve never seen anything like that before except for probably at a circus/carnival. You can’t knock it because there is an entire nation of hairy fetish lovers who you don’t want to insult by saying anything bad about those but personally, I just can’t do it. I’d give her a bottle of Nair on our first date.

When you’re a redneck and you can’t afford a bikini because you’ve just spent the money on beer, this is what you wear. A duct tape bikini top and maybe some cut up jean shorts that haven’t been washed in a week. This girl here is happy to show off her redneck bikini top. It’s a pretty dull grey and as long as she has a can of beer around, it’s gravy.