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We were very interested in giving this party pink bikini dude a special reward but he didn’t get it because he didn’t shave. That’s a pet peeve with us. If you are brave enough to put on a bikini, shave off the hair because we wanna see your skin! Oh well, maybe next year!

This gets the Bikini Disaster award of the week because, well you can see yourself. There’s no crime in being fat and wearing a bikini, but make sure the bikini is clean and fits appropriately to your chubbiness. Maybe if she had a skirt or wrap around her entire body, she wouldn’t have made it on this site. There’s just so much wrong with this picture, there isn’t enough space on this page to explain it all. You get it though.

Whoever this is sexy too really needs to take a long second look. Obviously this Pink Bikini Dude thinks he’s the cat’s meow. With his hairy chest and stomach, bold tattoos and striking pose, we’re sure he will attract only the finest and hottest around.