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Sitting very properly is the perfect granny covered in tattoos. I’ve never seen anything like this before and it’s very interesting. I wonder when she received her first tattoo. This is a work of skin art and depends on how you look at it. Tattoo lovers will adore it while non-tattoo lovers won’t. Go figure!

Grannies need attention too! So this mature woman went out and bought herself some boobies then entered a bikini contest where she taped brand name beer stickers all over what the guys pay attention to the most…her new rack! Granny is smart….beer and boobs…that’s all she needs to grab a strapping buck after the contest is over. Kinda looks like Granny goes sunbathing topless as you can see from her striking bikini tan on the bottom but non on the top. Go granny! We hope she wins!!

Looks like granny needs a barrel of sun-tanning lotion or maybe she’s just 100 years too late.

To pick up the slack from her social security check, this granny hangs out on street corners in her patriotic bikini and sings for people. Plus it’s a way to keep the circulation going in her thighs from the arthritis.

Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful.

Granny is trying to stay youthful by going hairless in a neon green slingback bikini. Too bad all is well until you get to her face. You can tell she’s about 55 going on 60. Some may say, let her do what she wants to do but would you want to see your grandmom wearing this? Didn’t think so.