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This flopped bikini isn’t half bad and it’s actually something that could probably make some money because when you think about it, how many women have assets that hang that low. Lots of them! Just take a look at your own grandma. Why shouldn’t she have comfort when going to the beach also.

Does model Victoria Silvstedt notice the grandma laying on the beach in her bra and underwear? Is that the latest granny fashion that is exploding? Maybe she’s trying to be extra nice and not say anything but she should really go over there and at least make sure the woman is ok because she might have just washed up on the shore from another country.

Grannie needs time to herself so she can scorch up her skin by overtanning. Don’t judge her. She makes sure that she puts on lots of suntan lotion or wesson oil so that her skin gets a nice even burn..oops, I mean coat. Grannie that tan takes 30 yrs off of your 150 year old body.