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We were very interested in giving this party pink bikini dude a special reward but he didn’t get it because he didn’t shave. That’s a pet peeve with us. If you are brave enough to put on a bikini, shave off the hair because we wanna see your skin! Oh well, maybe next year!

Ever hung out with an extra hairy bikini dude? Doesn’t he look like lots of fun. Well that’s if by you like lots of hair.

College dares are so much fun and so was this one when this frat dude was put to test to get sunburned in a bikini top. He did it and almost burned himself up in the process. Isn’t school grand?

This bikini dude in a black bikini looks really comfortable in his skin. His buddy in the background looks like he’s even more comfortable. What are these guys up to? Wouldn’t you like to know.

Whether or not you consider this a bikini disaster depends on if you think this dancing bikini dude is sexy or not. Hmmmmmmm

Ready to rock on is a bikini snow dude that looks better in his bikini than my mother-in-law does in hers.

He’s having a great time channeling his female spirit while out and about on Hollywood Blvd sporting a floral print bikini. At least he’s not super hairy which makes him easy on the eyes.

Caught in the act of self fondling, this bikini swimsuit dude looks like he’s really into himself.

We love dudes in bikinis although they’re the biggest disasters ever. This guy did us a favor and shaved which is a good thing. Especially loving the floral print bikini. It matches his hair color.

This bikini wearing dude won’t go anywhere without his purse. Can you blame him? It probably has everything he needs to look beautiful.