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The best kinds of bikinis are the original ones and these two pretty much take the cake. That’s what keep our jobs refreshing and fun. These bikinis are actually not that bad but just don’t expect to see them on the racks at any of the major department stores.

This guy doesn’t really know what to do with these drunken bikini babes hollering and yelling for him to come over to where they are. Do you think he does? Well….of course!

Lots of furriness and fluffiness going on here!

Are these bikini models or bikini strippers? It’s hard to tell but with all that liquor around I’m sure it won’t make a difference.

Take your pick of one of these homemade bikinis. Which one tickles your fancy? Do you like the human gum ball machine bikini? That’s a really cool bikini that you and your mate can really have some fun with. Football fans can enjoy the homemade football bikini to score a few touch downs at home.

You really don’t even need to see this woman’s face to know that she’s not having a great time at the beach. You can tell by her posture that it’s not a really great day for her. She’s really fat but isn’t really shy about wearing a two-piece to the beach which is good. Let’s just sit back and imagine what these chubby woman looks like. I counted 8 rolls just on her back. How many did you count? Isn’t this fun?