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It’s all about design, color and formation and beauty is surely in the eyes of the beholders. So you can decide which of these hand styled bikinis are hot or not.

Ladies, want to get and keep your man’s attention? Just go out to your local bar and gather up as many beer coasters as you can get and make yourself a beer coasters bikini. Come walking out of the bedroom with a six pack in your hand and wearing the bikini and guarantee he won’t leave the house any time soon.

Ladies would you wear any of these funky bikinis to a bikini party? My sister said that she would and that’s why nobody talks to her in the family.

These budget conscious ladies decided to make their own bikinis disasters since they probably spent their money at the casinos, why not make casino inspired ones. Let’s see what we have here: An American Indian inspired suede bikini (no too bad); a poker chip bikini; a deck of cards bikinis and a furry bikini. You can pretty much guess they are at some sort of casino on an Indian reservation. Ok, we’ll give them a 8 on the disaster scale. Why not make a bikini slot machine too?

These girls are eager for attention and just wanted to cut to the chase. Beer box bikinis could actually become popular but they’re missing one thing. The real beers. Guys just don’t want to see the boxes. If they each were holding a six pack in their hands, I’m sure the guys would come rushing in.

Happy and fat is the way to be if you’re fat. Just check out these three fat bikini friends wearing the same kind of bikini. They’re fat and they’re happy. If you’re fat you might as well be happy. Happy fat girls probably get more action than fat girls with attitudes don’t you think?