Yellow duct tape is the new black! Ladies if you are self conscious about your bodies, just go out and get some yellow duct tape like this and wrap it around your breasts and buttocks and you will have a brand new outlook on your body. Guaranteed. This cougar granny looks happy, doesn’t she?

Caroline Kennedy doesn’t look like she has a care in the world hanging out on an adult beach. The guy in the far background with the all over sunburn doesn’t look like he has a care hanging either…lol.

Grannies need attention too! So this mature woman went out and bought herself some boobies then entered a bikini contest where she taped brand name beer stickers all over what the guys pay attention to the most…her new rack! Granny is smart….beer and boobs…that’s all she needs to grab a strapping buck after the contest is over. Kinda looks like Granny goes sunbathing topless as you can see from her striking bikini tan on the bottom but non on the top. Go granny! We hope she wins!!

This is a disasterous duct tape bikini but it’s not too bad. It’s yellow which is better than the crazy grey. Plus she has it accessorized with a yellow bag. You know that’s couture!

Teen bride Courtney Stodden falls off of her bike while sporting a one-piece bikini. Doesn’t look like any damage was done. It’s funny how she trips off a bike but can walk around in 9 inch heels all day long. All in good fun.

American actress Cameron Diaz is having a major disaster with her bikini top that has flown off. She takes it all in stride which is what we all love about Cameron.

Poor kid looks confused around these clowned dressed bikini dudes. Doesn’t he know, it’s his future! lol

This bikini dude in a black bikini looks really comfortable in his skin. His buddy in the background looks like he’s even more comfortable. What are these guys up to? Wouldn’t you like to know.

Whether or not you consider this a bikini disaster depends on if you think this dancing bikini dude is sexy or not. Hmmmmmmm

Gemma Collins shows the world that she’s proud of her full figure and doesn’t mind taking a tumbling fall and roll while running along a beach.