Want your beer served up right? Just talk your girlfriend/wife/mistress into wearing a low cleavage bikini that you can stick a funnel and pitcher of beer in. Bikinis and beer is the most perfect combination in the world! If you’re a non-drinker then fill up your pitcher with iced tea.

Big girls need love too so let’s show some extra cushiony love to this chubby bikini wearing babe who is proud to call herself an American wearing the USA flag or at least parts of it. Wanna hug?

College dares are so much fun and so was this one when this frat dude was put to test to get sunburned in a bikini top. He did it and almost burned himself up in the process. Isn’t school grand?

Getting in touch with her naturally grown oceanic side is a pregnant lady wearing a seaweed bikini and raising some of the seaweed up to sky for some reason or another. Maybe it will help her with an easier birth. If so, then ladies, take note and run out and get your fresh bag of seaweed.

Does he look fat? This bikini nerd is more concerned about his figure than cleaning up his room but, of course, which is more important.

The latest in hiding fashion is the bikini mask. Not exactly sure where you can get one but it’s a combination of masking your facial identity but showing off your body.

Hungry? Well lunch isn’t quite ready yet. Still have to cook up the meat! But first we have to get it off of this model. Hmmm…how hungry are you?

If you like chips then you’ll enjoy this unique bikini that looks like it can reflect the sun and brighten up a room too. Not quite sure what it’s called but we’re calling it the Bikini Chipster.

Are you scared? Is sexy the new spooky? She looks too hot to be scary but this is a fun and disasterous bikini.

Everyone loves bacon and especially when it’s wrapped around a set of well endowed assets such as these. Plus, how much fun will you have unwrapping the bacon and cooking it up. So, the word disaster could be a matter of personal opinion..hmm…