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Back by popular demand is the forever slipping socialite Paris Hilton. In these photos Paris’ black bikini bottoms seem to take on a life of their own and decide they want to go for a walk away from Paris’ rear. She doesn’t seem to mind because “darling” there are more important things to worry about. Like for instance, which fashion couture is smashing this week. As Paris would probably say, “Bottoms UP!”

Here’s a photo of Paris Hilton in the Caribbean showing off a little butt crack while vacationing with her new BF. Her deflated rear end is a bit big for her tiny bikini bottom. Looks like she could have used a little bit of sunblock. I’m so over Paris, yet here I am posing her picture. I can’t help it, she’s the ultimate bikini disaster!

Paris Hilton Bikini Butt Crack

Photo Credit: Splash News