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Wow, when I think of American actress Kirsten Dunst, I never thought I’d see her like this. Looks like Kirsten had a major bikini malfunction going on here. It’s so crazy how the paparazzi can catch a celebrity at their worst. Kirsten hadn’t even realized that her bikini had slipped or maybe she did and didn’t really care. It’s not like Hollywood actresses get paid to be shy. Maybe it’s her way of letting the producers know that she’s willing to go the extra mile for any role. Oh well, we love you anyways! How about making a movie, we miss you on the silver screen.

Showing off his voluptuous figure is comedian Zach Galifianakis posing on the beach. If you’re not familiar with the name, he’s the star of the movies Hangover and Due Date. His career is rising very fast and is being compared to John Belushi and John Candy. He’s extremely funny and his movies are hilarious. I just wish he would have shaved those legs to make the swimsuit complete. LOL

Olympic swimmer Ricky Berens has a very interesting swimsuit and I’m not quite sure if it’s meant to be that way or if he ripped it. He could be trying to tell all of the judges to kiss his rear end in so many words. A picture like this, you can only stop and stare at it, so let’s just do that. There’s not much you can really say. It speaks for itself.

Oops, looks like English actress, Sienna Miller didn’t tie her string bikini tight enough. She’s getting helped out of the water and it seems her bikini bottoms want to stay in the water. What a tush and don’t step on that crack or you’ll break your mother’s back!

Hey I didn’t know Donatella Versace was starring in George Romero’s latest zombie movie! It’s just a shame that she has all that money (billions) and plastic surgery can’t put that body back together again. If I had that money she had, I’d pay somebody to be me! Poor thing. Donatella has never been a beauty but I didn’t know she was down right ugly. She’s the bikini disaster spotlight for today and heck for the rest of the week. I’m still in shock!

Here’s Stephanie Pratt playing a little beach volley ball at Miami beach when her bandeau bikini top almost slipped down to expose her tata! 20 serving 11. Ahh nevermind! Pink really fits her, or not!

Stephanie Pratt Bikini Picture

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Here’s the lovely Evangeline Lilly surfing in Hawaii. Looks like the surf is getting the best of her though. Notice, her badunkadunk is showing. Yikes!

evangeline lilly bikini mishap

While in Miami filming for The City, Whitney Port had a slight bikini mishap when a huge wave crashed upon her almost taking her bottoms off and completely twisting her top leaving her exposed. Oooopsie!

Here’s a photo of Paris Hilton in the Caribbean showing off a little butt crack while vacationing with her new BF. Her deflated rear end is a bit big for her tiny bikini bottom. Looks like she could have used a little bit of sunblock. I’m so over Paris, yet here I am posing her picture. I can’t help it, she’s the ultimate bikini disaster!

Paris Hilton Bikini Butt Crack

Photo Credit: Splash News

Looks like Heather Locklear is showing a bit of underboob cleavage. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with some cleavage but if she’s going to be wearing something like this she should invest in a micro bikini that shows them off a bit better rather than wearing a top that’s 5 sizes to small. No matter, Heather Locklear is still hot in my books!

Heather Locklear bikini picture