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Caroline Kennedy doesn’t look like she has a care in the world hanging out on an adult beach. The guy in the far background with the all over sunburn doesn’t look like he has a care hanging either…lol.

Teen bride Courtney Stodden falls off of her bike while sporting a one-piece bikini. Doesn’t look like any damage was done. It’s funny how she trips off a bike but can walk around in 9 inch heels all day long. All in good fun.

Gemma Collins shows the world that she’s proud of her full figure and doesn’t mind taking a tumbling fall and roll while running along a beach.

Back by popular demand is Tanning Mom showing us that she can hang with the best of them.

Not quite sure what to say. If you’re into MILFs who are into tanning and making a name for themselves then she’s the one for you.

Does model Victoria Silvstedt notice the grandma laying on the beach in her bra and underwear? Is that the latest granny fashion that is exploding? Maybe she’s trying to be extra nice and not say anything but she should really go over there and at least make sure the woman is ok because she might have just washed up on the shore from another country.

Enjoying herself on a very expensive boat is pop/rock starlet Avril Lavigne who may or may not be aware that her bikini bottom has slipped to exposure. If you need proof that it’s her, here is a picture of her from the front.

Hey ladies, you better put down those double cheese burgers and fries because if you want to look bikini fabulous like Claire Danes, it’s time to cut back on the fat. Or, we could always order her a large double pepperoni with extra cheese pizza or two.

This is what you call Skeleton Bikini Couture. It’s Czech model Eva Herzigova wading through the ocean in a black bikini that isn’t very flattering. We’ve noticed that non-US models are extremely super thin. Somebody please give this woman a cheeseburger. There comes a time when being super thin turns into horror and it’s not very sexy at all. Is this what we’re demanding from models these days? Tsk Tsk…Come over to my house Eva, I’ll make you a big pot of Mac and Cheese.

Back by popular demand is the forever slipping socialite Paris Hilton. In these photos Paris’ black bikini bottoms seem to take on a life of their own and decide they want to go for a walk away from Paris’ rear. She doesn’t seem to mind because “darling” there are more important things to worry about. Like for instance, which fashion couture is smashing this week. As Paris would probably say, “Bottoms UP!”