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College dares are so much fun and so was this one when this frat dude was put to test to get sunburned in a bikini top. He did it and almost burned himself up in the process. Isn’t school grand?

This bikini dude in a black bikini looks really comfortable in his skin. His buddy in the background looks like he’s even more comfortable. What are these guys up to? Wouldn’t you like to know.

This is only a disaster if there isn’t any beer to get dispensed.

This is a total bikini blow-out. It’s as if we’ve been transported back to a very bad 1980′s dance troupe. Very low budget. I’m sort of glad most of the faces are cut off because that might make the photo even worst. There is nothing absolutely “delightful” or “cute” about any of these bikinis. It’s just a bad situation all around.

Oops, looks like English actress, Sienna Miller didn’t tie her string bikini tight enough. She’s getting helped out of the water and it seems her bikini bottoms want to stay in the water. What a tush and don’t step on that crack or you’ll break your mother’s back!

Here’s Stephanie Pratt playing a little beach volley ball at Miami beach when her bandeau bikini top almost slipped down to expose her tata! 20 serving 11. Ahh nevermind! Pink really fits her, or not!

Stephanie Pratt Bikini Picture

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Here’s the lovely Evangeline Lilly surfing in Hawaii. Looks like the surf is getting the best of her though. Notice, her badunkadunk is showing. Yikes!

evangeline lilly bikini mishap

While in Miami filming for The City, Whitney Port had a slight bikini mishap when a huge wave crashed upon her almost taking her bottoms off and completely twisting her top leaving her exposed. Oooopsie!