Don’t you?

It’s all about design, color and formation and beauty is surely in the eyes of the beholders. So you can decide which of these hand styled bikinis are hot or not.

Everything is bigger in Texas and to prove it is a cute cougar-ish looking hottie posing in the Texan-flag with a stampish appeal to it. Hmmm…nice smile!

When funds are kind of low and you just have to enter that local bikini contest, don’t worry. Here is an example of a candy bikini that just so happens to fit this slender soccer mom. Again, the word “disasterous” always depends on who is actually looking at this bikini. Remember one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.

Homemade bikinis like this Rubber Ducky bikini are becoming the most popular because they are unique and fun.

We were very interested in giving this party pink bikini dude a special reward but he didn’t get it because he didn’t shave. That’s a pet peeve with us. If you are brave enough to put on a bikini, shave off the hair because we wanna see your skin! Oh well, maybe next year!

Ever hung out with an extra hairy bikini dude? Doesn’t he look like lots of fun. Well that’s if by you like lots of hair.

This flopped bikini isn’t half bad and it’s actually something that could probably make some money because when you think about it, how many women have assets that hang that low. Lots of them! Just take a look at your own grandma. Why shouldn’t she have comfort when going to the beach also.

The best kinds of bikinis are the original ones and these two pretty much take the cake. That’s what keep our jobs refreshing and fun. These bikinis are actually not that bad but just don’t expect to see them on the racks at any of the major department stores.

Sitting very properly is the perfect granny covered in tattoos. I’ve never seen anything like this before and it’s very interesting. I wonder when she received her first tattoo. This is a work of skin art and depends on how you look at it. Tattoo lovers will adore it while non-tattoo lovers won’t. Go figure!